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Our premium line three-strand nylon boating lines are spun from domestic fibers and are designed to improve wet strength and enhance fiber-to-fiber abrasion resistance. 

fender lines
Fender Lines

Knotical Marine Lines offers various types of fender lines: braided and twisted for fenders with twin eye or tubular center. Our fender lines come in a variety of lengths, diameters, and colors.

anchor lines
Anchor Lines

We utilize U.S. manufacturers for our “PREMIUM LINE” three strand nylon, spun from domestic fibers and of four stage construction. Anchor lines have a stabilization process, treated with a proprietary “Marine Tech” coating to improve wet strength and enhance fiber to fiber abrasion resistance. Recommended sizes, lengths and scope of anchor line will depend on several factors including the length, weight and type of boat. The following information is intended as a guide only. Anchoring in exposed waters, strong winds or tides may require larger or additional lines. Scope length will vary in crowded anchorages, a shorter length may be required or a longer length in storm conditions. Scope is the ratio of water depth to line paid out. A scope of 7:1 will usually achieve adequate holding power.  Inspect anchor line and hardware before each use for wear, chafe and a secured shackle pin.

Anchor Rodes
(the Anchor Line and Chain)


Anchor Rodes are sized accordingly to manufacturer’s windless specifications. The anchor rode spice to the chain will be in accordance to the specific manufacturer’s windless specifications.

​Diameter: Recommended line diameter for boat length. 

WARNING: Any well-designed and well-built product will fail if abused, misused or overused. It is of the utmost importance that anyone purchasing these products is sold with the express understanding that the purchaser is thoroughly familiar with the correct application of the products design and construction along with its safe use thereof. Failure to use all products properly, in a safe manner and for the application for which they were intended could result in property damage, bodily injury or both.

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